2023 BBSC Round the Bay - West


Bluewater Bay Sailing Club

This is the second race in a two-part series where we hit all the corners of Choctawhatchee Bay.  The RTB-West racecourse will start somewhere near Rocky Bayou and cover the bay between the Mid-Bay Bridge and the Brooks Bridge.

Here's a link to the RTB-East webpage (the other race in the series):  https://nextsailor.com/regatta/2023RTB_E

3/24 Update:  NoR posted in the notice board on this page.

Stay tuned here for race info such as NoR, and SIs.

Registration opens April 1st.

Two Classes:  Spinnaker GYA ORA, and “X-Class” which is a Back Calculated Rating.  For info on X Class, contact the fleet captain at the “Contact” link to the left (for desktop users), or upper right “menu lines” (for mobile users).

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