CHESSS Poplar Island Race


Chesapeake Shorthanded Sailing Society

The race is open to boats crewed by one or two individuals. Boats sailing in any of the CHESSS non-spin and spinnaker classes shall have a current PHRF of the Chesapeake rating certificate. If
a multihull start and class is included, the Chesapeake Multihull Association (CMA) ratings will be used for scoring. Additional classes will be added if there are 3 or more boats expressing interest in entering. Those would include:

1) A shorthanded multihull start with class scored under the Chesapeake Multihull Association (CMA) ratings.

2) Short-handed One Design classes.


Registration is closed.
Latest Entries 13 Total Registered
Boat Rating Class
Blew Bayou II 88040 171/0.902 Shorthanded Non-Spinnaker
Bingo! 36003 105/0.992 Shorthanded Spinnaker
Itinerant 2079 0/1.0250 Shorthanded Multihull
Specific Gravity NS 99 93/1.011 Shorthanded Non-Spinnaker
Cheshire Cat 001X 0/0.9920 Shorthanded Multihull
Orion 68120 129/0.957 Shorthanded Spinnaker
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