2024 BBSC Summer Racing Series

07/13/2024 - 08/24/2024

Bluewater Bay Sailing Club

Welcome to the Bluewater Bay Sailing Club's “Summer Racing Series" where we sail our July and August races on Saturday evenings to try and beat the heat (and catch the wind).  The BBSC SRS will alternate between PHRF and Small Boat Races.

This year we will have two PHRF Races and two Small Boat Races:

  • Saturday, July 13th:  “Lady Bug" PHRF Race, where the ladies take the helm for the day.
  • Saturday, July 27th:  SRS Small Boat #1
  • Saturday, August 10th:  “Pick Your Poison" Race, where you choose which direction you go around the course.
  • Saturday, August 24th:  SRS Small Boat #2

Registration is open.  Here's some info on Registration:

  • If you are a BBSC member who paid (or will pay) the one-time fee for the season, please check the box that says, “Club Charge” for your payment method. 
  • It'll ask for your member number.  If you don't know yours, make one up.  I know who you are.  
  • Registration will charge you $63 for both PHRF races, and $12 for both Small Boat races.  If you think you might only sail one race, pick "pay later” as your payment method and pay me on race day.  

The Notice of Race will be posted soon! 

If you are on a mobile device the NoR and SIs (when posted) can be found by tapping the three horizontal lines on the upper right of your screen, under “Notice Board.”  If you are on a real computer, the Notice Board documents are linked to the left of this text.

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Boat Rating Class
Starship 40187 142 X-Class
Stickman 1291 105 X-Class
RAVEN 30 43 X-Class
Kahlua 362 175 X-Class
Epiphany 5341 21 X-Class
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